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Moving from NG

2014-09-05 21:32:08 by Alexman159

Hey this is a message for all my fans.  I have moved on from newgrounds and don't make as much music or as many animations anymore. However if you enjoy my work and enjoy supporting newgrounds game I would love if you head over to my twitch page at and hit the follow button. I stream binding of isaac 7 character speed runs and races through speedruns live on the weekdays. Thanks for reading my message. Peace out y'all.


New keyboard

2010-06-04 10:35:12 by Alexman159


lots of views

2009-08-13 19:05:46 by Alexman159

According to the ng revenue sharing graphs i have almost 1,800 user page views. i'm calling bull but if you see this then leave a comment so i can see how many people really do.


2009-06-18 17:05:46 by Alexman159


Frame 5: the flash collab

2009-06-05 18:19:48 by Alexman159

before i start i would like to say that i got a paypal and i am accepting donations. i really don't care how much you donate, every amount is welcome. Donate at
My music couldn't be possible without these donations and my fans :
1. Aleflippy
2. alexandra159
3. Blackbaron15
4. BuuBuu69
5. c1d4d
6. danniglanni
7. DarkShadow528
8. DeltaSpartan118
9. Desu91
10. DirkDoom
11. Duxfever
12. fartingchickenz
13. firebanesword
14. flashx457
15. ForsakenDL
16. FroNickProductions
17. gbaplaya12
18. InsaneScaryMovieGuy
19. Kalan555
20. Lopingg
21. LpSamuelm
22. Maki-kun
23. MarcRyanz
24. MrT1349
25. Nanzei

26. NeoRock
27. OptimusWii
28. PikminGeneral
29. RosenPsycho
30. sebbeshs
31. Snipper64
32. Spindax
33. steelers789
34. supasonicfan
35. TRSChaos
36. WildArmor
37. XChaKarAX
38. XosTheVampire
39. xXd34thri0tXx

Voiceover and I started a collab awhile ago based around lines and music. Sure it's been done before but I really enjoy watching that kind of animation and even more so for animating them. I was happy that our collab had finally started and that lots of new animators would take advantage of the opportunity and join the collab. I looked through the flash forums a few days after starting the collab and found this 62619.

Instantly i realized that this had more people than we had even though it started later and had a really similar theme. Well surely our collab is doing well if this one is, ours came first. I looked for the collab's post. It was no where to be found. I refreshed and looked again. I found it on the third page of the flash forums. 60577">

The poor thing, my bump was barely enough to save it. It already had a fine layer of dust on it and it smelled faintly of death. We already have about 5 people but "Teh Dot" collab is running out of spots. Why is this happening? I looked over "Teh Dot collab" 's post again. their gimmick is that a 4 year old animated the original series. I watch the third episode of Teh dot to see what all the hype was about. There was no way a 4 year old could animate that. I'm not saying it was really good, but it had a few parts in it that i don't think most 4 year olds would come up with. Especially the swearing angry faic

Whether or not he actually did animate it i'm not sure. (and if he did then my apologies Matt2k8) \
But Frame 5 was there first and it needs your help to survive. Check out the thread when you can 60577

In some happier news i entered the ng ad competition. Here's my entry, hope it gets used. ( $30 prize) /51906_banner_ad.php

Also I'm just keeping a list of useful sites. ( I add as i find)

A free In-Browser Photoshop

Find if a site is down for you or for everyone

editing web pages

My list of useful sites

2009-02-07 23:34:24 by Alexman159

I'm just keeping a list of useful sites. ( I add as i find)

A free In-Browser Photoshop

Find if a site is down for you or for everyone

editing web pages- put this in address bar:
javascript:document.body.contentEditab le='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Also, i found this on actionsick's page. Best video ever.

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Audio Top 50!!!!!!!

2009-01-28 19:14:57 by Alexman159

I finally got a song in the top 50 list! It's not my favorite but I'm still glad it got up, listen to it! /169256

Audio Top 50!!!!!!!

a post

2009-01-24 18:24:26 by Alexman159

Apparently we are allowed to post whatever we want here with no rules. We can even spam. Then again, just by knowing that I am allowed to do that kind of stuff makes me not want to do it anymore...

merry christmas

2008-12-23 12:52:43 by Alexman159

I entered a few collabs this christmas break and i have been getting better at drawing with the mouse.

Also i'm making a list of websites and collabs i'm in that i shouldn't forget -submitted Goomba Frenzy to it 1361 -the pyro collab

A.S. Main : 9808/9999
I'm a mod there 8458 - smash bros brawl collab 07412/6 - frame 4 collab 11670/15 - windows collab

merry christmas


2008-11-20 19:01:06 by Alexman159

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