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Visually stunning, otherwise lackluster. I'm sure many current newgrounders share this sentiment when I say that I'm getting older now. I'm 23. 15 years ago the first salad fingers was released. At the age of 8 I found that salad fingers was quite disturbing. Much later I now can view older episodes with some sort of horrific nostalgia and enjoy them in that way, but this episode doesn't do anything for me. It's beautiful in it's disturbing imagery but it doesn't actually evoke any sort of disgust or discomfort in me. That is what made salad fingers so good. It made the viewer uncomfortable. It is likely my age, but I can only appreciate this for the animation itself and not for what made salad fingers a cult phenomena.
I just watched your video "cream" and that was absolutely stunning. I look forward to more work from you that is unrelated to salad fingers as your creativity is perhaps bound by it.

Pretty much the same problems as the last two movies. I left a more detailed review on episode 2. From the time the two main characters go to the castle and on the movie was zoomed out more appropriately. I think you should keep around that far zoomed out for all of the movie so i don't feel so close. The story seems to progress really slowly. Dialogue drags on and really should be cut more. Writing and voice acting is average. The background animations should be lower. The bushes are having really distracting seizures that should be slowed up.

I just finished watching the first and now this episode. There are a lot of things that could be improved. The voice for tails is extremely annoying. Its ok to give a character that's supposed to be hated an annoying voice, but not when he's getting this much dialogue. The dialogue itself is really just average writing. The jokes were highly dependent on references to other shows, games, or movies, but they weren't all that funny. However, i literally laughed out loud at the "poof" and the (hopefully) intentionally poor quality of the sound effect. That joke wasn't referencing something else and was probably the funniest part of the whole thing. It was actually the only thing i thought was funny in the first two episodes.

A lot of the animation could use some work as well. I know it's hard to focus when animating a 7 minute long flash but it really makes the whole thing unappealing. Since it's sprites you don't have to lip sync perfectly but you are only using an open and closed for all the mouths. At the very least do a loop of different mouth movements so it at least has a comedic effect. You should zoom out a little bit for all of the movie and slightly more when there is any sort of action happening. Some movement was slow too. I'm going to watch the next one and look for improvements.

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A consistent problem through the game was that my character would start moving one direction and wouldnt respond to any key presses for a while. This doesnt happen when using the mouse. Im assuming there is some problem in the coding that refers to switching between the 2 control types. A way to fix this might be to let the player choose ahead of time which control type they want to use. I can't see any reason someone would want to change control layouts halfway through a long jump.

Although this is a minor glitch it happened at least once every round. Its especially annoying because it often leads to death. It wouldn't be so bad if it made the game unplayable because i wouldn't have made it so far in the game. But it just happens enough to piss me off but still keep me playing.

As jazza said, you do seem to be playing off of toss the turtle's success. I wouldnt mind if u put him in the background somewhere or something but he is one of the better characters. You seemed to design the game so that you would choose the turtle since his extra health is the most useful.

The store item prices weren't adjusted as well as they were in toss the turtle. In TTT the prices increased by alot but the item before it made it easier to make more money each launch. In this, the power ups help a little but not significantly enough to make alot more skulls then prior to getting it. Also there should be more to unlock between the second most expensive thing (3000 skulls) and the most expensive(20,000). This leads to a long boring gap where nothing is unlocked.

I want to give it more but untill these glitchy controls are fixed i cant enjoy it anymore then i did.


The ball was too small to see well. Both the ball and the background used really bright colors so it was even harder to see. There was no music so all you could hear was the explosions. If you are going to play the same noise over and over again in a game make it satisfying to listen to. The powerups are only listed at the top during the first level and dont seem to exist in the rest of the game. They aren't readable anyway because the random spinning rocks block it. In a good breakout game, you should be able to start the ball up after missing it. In this you have no control and sometimes will miss it multiple times in a row because it goes back to the top of the screen moving at the same speed as it was previously. The graphics don't seem like they were drawn in flash. There's nothing wrong if you used a different program but they just look off.. almost like clipart. Also i reached a point where the ball stopped coming. I'm not sure if i ran out of lives because there is no indication that i have lives other than the three hearts. those dont seem to end the game but restart the level if you run out. I would tell you what level this happened on but there isnt anything showing what level i am on. After blowing up one of the "boss" ships the game froze with an explosion on the screen. I still have a few less serious but still annoying parts i want to mention... The plain text for the score was a bit boring and could have been done differently then just black arial font or whatever it is. Also the game isn't a pong ripoff its a breakout ripoff so it should be titled as such or given an original name.

fidu21 responds:

.....limits of free programing


the jumping is just horrendous. You need to be able to jump higher or at least not fall to the ground 100 times faster than you went up. Controls would be nice to include. It took me 3 tries to figure out that the ctrl key shoots! Its only barely possible to pass the turtle without shooting it and impossible to beat the game even with shooting. The collision detection sucks too. It feels like you put a square surrounding every movie clip in the game that makes you die when you touch it. Also, the first turtle can walk onto the spot where you spawn. This is annoying since the whole game doesnt restart when you die so the turtle might happen to standing there when you spawn. The graphics are decent but spongebob's animation makes no sense. His expressions seem to change randomly whenever he does something. Spongebob and the treausure? More like Spongebob and the shit sandwich of fucking frustration.

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Some good riffs. The drums were too loud and the guitar and drums seemed to be on their own side of speaker so that was a bit odd.


This wasn't 7 hours in fl studios. Even if you didn't use a midi, which you did, it wouldnt have taken that long. You changed none of the notes and you just replaced instruments in a midi. There is no mastering or changes. The instruments sounds horrible anyway.

santaxcrusher responds:

ooohhh... what we have here? i think that you are 8 or less... your review was stupid and shity, do you think that you know everything? you are wrong;
without midi, it was 7 hours, by ear.


It sounded really good, but i think you need a better computer to export from. It seems like your computer didn't have enough RAM to run all the synths at once. I have this problem with a lot of songs, it makes most of the synths sound way to heavy.

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